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Regenerative Farming with Idaho Pasture Pigs

Knik River Ranch is a unique operation in a stunning location, dedicated to raising the highest quality pigs using regenerative farming practices. Here’s what makes them special:

The Breed:

  • Idaho Pasture Pigs:
    • Developed in 1998, combining the Kune Kune, Duroc, and Old Berkshire breeds.
    • Super friendly temperament.
    • Thrive on a diet of over 70% forage, thanks to Kune Kune genetics.
    • Improve soil and allow grasses to thrive due to grazing, not rooting.
    • Duroc and Old Berkshire genetics contribute to premium meat quality and larger pigs.
    • Grass-fed meat is higher in omega-3 fatty acids, more marbleized, and has a deeper red color and sweeter flavor.


The Feed:

  • Limited processed or commercial feed:
    • Pigs have access to nearly 100 acres of grass and woodlands.
    • Winter diet includes spent grain from local breweries (Midnight Sun Brewing), high in protein and organic.
    • Excess spent grain is composted for soil enrichment, producing more pig feed.
    • Pigs also enjoy wholesome, yet unsold produce, reducing landfill waste.
    • Over a ton of watermelon and pumpkins are consumed each season!


The Management:

  • Unlimited access to food:
    • Pigs thrive in a cooler climate, becoming like “land seals” with continual food access.
    • Comfortably survive winters in overseas storage containers with straw nests and communal huddling.
  • No pressure on harvest dates:
    • Unlike factory farms, pigs are raised for at least one year, sometimes longer.
    • Enjoy all four Alaskan seasons, foraging and exploring their surroundings.
  • Humane and efficient dispatch:
    • Pigs are transported a few miles to a USDA-certified facility in Palmer.
    • Skilled professionals ensure a humane process and maximum utilization of the carcass.
    • USDA inspection allows premium meat to be sold in upscale restaurants, CSA programs, or directly to individuals.

The Outcome:

  • Happy, healthy pigs:
    • Contributes to a premium meat product.
  • Improved land quality:
    • Regenerative farming practices benefit the pigs, consumers, and the environment.

In Conclusion:

Knik River Ranch offers a unique and ethical approach to pig farming. Their commitment to regenerative agriculture, premium meat quality, and animal welfare makes them a leader in the industry.

the tamworth, our chosen breed prior to the IDAHO PASTURE PIG