Alaskan Grown, Free-Range, Sustainable, Heritage Breed

The Concept



Knik River Ranch  produces premium Tamworth pigs utilizing spent brewing grains and other wholesome food products destined for the landfill. In addition, they forage across 93 acres of land. 

Tamworth Pigs



The Tamworth pigs is a heritage breed and will be the focal point of the operation. The quality meat of the Tamworth pigs combined with their cold-weather tolerance/self-reliance makes them an ideal choice for this operation and will contribute to the premium nature of the brand.

 Text courtesy of Moore Natural Ranch:

Aristocrats of the pig world, with long legs and snout and pricked ears, the Tamworth is a boisterous, loving pig. Tamworth pigs are kind and gentle and have proved to be producers of the finest meat. They are easy to handle and love human contact. In comparing other rare breeds, we personally found the Tamworth to be the friendliest. The Tamworth is unique since it is a very rare dual-purpose breed. It produces large amounts of the tastiest bacon and quality cuts of meat with superior marbling and fine texture, producing rich flavor. The meat is like Prime Beef--it melts in your mouth. While there have been several taste tests in recent years, the controlled study in the mid-1990’s by Bristol University is still recognized as the standard which shows the Tamworth as having the finest and most favorable meat of all pig breeds both commercial and rare. This scientifically controlled study gave the Tamworth meat the best flavor. Tamworth is prized by 5-star chefs and restaurants as it is the very best. 



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About Us



Capitalist Pigs: The business strategy is take advantage and utilize the tremendous amount of food waste that occurs each day and produce a superior pork product.   


Pigs are amazingly hardy, versatile and productive animals that can convert non-marketable food, that would otherwise end up in landfills, into a premium pork product.



Raising free-range hogs in an open low-density and amazing beautiful environment is beneficial for both  the animals and the people who work with them.