Knik River Ranch

 A campground, a working ranch, livestock/ equestrian supply and much more 


The Campground

Cleaned up !


 Those who joined us this summer realize the trash is gone, toilets are available and the area has been restored to the beautiful place it once was  

We remain open over the winter



More improvements coming


 Electrical power is now being added to enable irrigation, flush toilets and other improvements  

The Ranch

The land: 93 acres in total


  Only a small portion of the land is currently being used for camping 

Pigs are primary


  Free-range, sustainable, heritage breed Tamworth pigs  will always constitute the majority of the livestock on the Ranch.  

Horse friendly


 Three horses currently  on the Ranch, but the mare is in-foal and future plans include boarding and training.     



 Building a herd will take time, but Nessie is the start.  She s a Scottish Highlander heifer who's mother you may seen at the AK State Fair 



 Pheasants will return to the ranch  in the spring with harvest/ hunting in the    

Hungarian Vizslas



The best dogs in the world! 

All directly traceable to Hungarian bloodlines Dams and sires dual-registered to AKC and MEOE (Hungarian Kennel Club). Fully tested for joint problems and other potential genetic defects.  

Alaska Equestrian Supply

Over-sized horse, rodeo and livestock equipment is our specialty


 Primarily corral panels, but anything in the Tarter USA catalog is available for special order.  

Alaska's dealer for Tarter Farm and Ranch


Primarily Horses, but also Yaks, Llamas, Sheep, Goats, Hogs , Reindeer, Cattle and more


 We have delivered equipment from Kodiak to Chena Hot Springs. From the Native villages of Stebbins and St. Michael's to the North Slope. Our Tarter corral panels, stock tanks and other equipment are serving the needs of the horse community, farmers, the oil industry, Rodeo Alaska, and the Alaska State Fair.